I am a graduate student at Colorado State University studying for a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics.  I will use this blog to record daily observations of economics and my experiences as a graduate student.

The meaning of the title of this blog, “Appreciate Yourself,” will be illustrated in future blog posts, but the gist of it is that the most valuable resource is your and other people’s human capital.  We rely to an unthinkable level on the know-how of other individuals but this know-how and creativity can only provide fruitful outcomes only if there are no obstacles and have faith in our freedom.   The struggle for economic freedom and liberty over the more popular faith of “master-minds” will be an endless task but only when people start believing in themselves and allow their human capital to flourish the more peaceful and economical our world will be.  Never give up, never surrender!


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  1. Great parting words – never give up, never surrender. See you around, Nick.

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