Cars parking on the sidewalks in Kiev

Do you think your city has bad parking policies? Well, they could be worse.

Kiev allows cars to park on sidewalks on Khreschatyk Street, a main street in Ukraine’s capital. Seems like a lot of unused valuable land and space on those sidewalks. I do not see any meters! It does not look like a good place to be a pedestrian.

Their parking policies and politics probably have an interesting history. Looks like the city banned parking on sidewalks in early 2008 and then lifted the ban a year later. I’m curious how such behavior became a social norm?

KievParking KievParking2 KievParking3

Note I clipped these images from Google Maps Streetview while trying to obtain some before and after perspective of what was going on with the protests in Kiev many weeks ago. Obviously Ukraine has bigger problems than parking policies.